V2 Cigs Pro Series Review

V2 Cigs Pro is a ground-breaking line of vaporizers that is actually becoming a top-notch for the entire category. Users have expressed overwhelming satisfaction as it offers options and performance at a value unmatched by any other available system on the market. With it, you cannot miss to find cartridges and charging cords which are secured magnetically. it is designed with single-body construction meant to reduce risk of breaks and leaks. The exterior design is great, it is sleek and stylish.

If you are a beginner or experience consumer, then V2 Cigs Pro is a great fit for you. You may need to check on the similarities and differences of V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 and 7 vape pen. Check this.


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V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 is the best pocket-portable e-liquid tank device that is currently available in the market. it is made using sophisticated technology that matches the modern design. Series 3 vaporizer is optimized for e-liquid, equally capable with wax and fastest loose leaf. It is a great vaporizer kit that delivers a thick, satisfying cloud of vapor.

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 and 7 Review

V2 Series 3 has a liquid cartridge that has a great capacity to produce a satisfying cloud of vapor for all your hours of enjoyment. Its loose leaf cartridge has the fastest heat up time that utilizes conduction heating to warm the loose leaf to optimum and suitable vaporizing temperature. Once you begin the heating process, your device will automatically warm to the optimal temperature.

V2 cigs pro series 3 also has a wax cartridge. The cartridge is compatible with essential oils and waxes. The wax cartridge is usually versatile like the device itself so users should expect the best services. What you just need to do is to fill with your preferred medium for total satisfaction.


You need also to know the favorite and essential accessories the v2 pro series 3 has. Series 3 USB charger is what you cannot miss out. With it, you can charge your vaporizer from any compatible USB port. It also has a V2 pro wall adapter. You can achieve faster charging time especially when you pair the wall adapter with the USB charger. This is a convenient adapter that offers great option to finding an open USB port when space is at a premium. You can also get to enjoy a perfect v2 car adapter that is fits the commuter or anyone on-the-go. The car adapter can easily connect to your USB charger and simply plugs into your vehicle’s power outlet.

Find out here what makes V2 pro series 7 a top-rated vaporizer for loose leaf. it is basically the best performing loose leaf vaporizer in the market. You are able to enjoy longer ours of satisfaction especially with its huge battery. You can tailor your enjoyment with three temperature settings with each medium. Series 7 cartridges include a liquid cartridge, loose leaf cartridge and a wax cartridge. A liquid cartridge offers greater e-liquid capacity and you can easily program to suit your choice of the three voltage settings for better and longer performance. The loose leaf cartridge is a perfect performing loose leaf vaporizer.

The conduction heating warms your device to produce a thick and smooth vapor. What you need to do is just to choose from the three alternative different temperature settings to create a customized experience. Series 7 also has a wax cartridge that is capable of vaporizing wax, gel and any other similar concentrates at temperatures of 600 degree Celsius. it is in fact the hottest wax cartridge on the market. The three unique voltage choices that series 7 has allow you to find the setting that fits exactly your preference.

V2 Cigs Pro 3 and 7 Review Summary

Just likeV2 pro series 3, V2 series7 comes with accessories such as USB charger, V2 pro wall adapter and v2 car adapter. Series 7 is designed for use while charging thus giving an uninterrupted satisfaction. You need only to attach the magnetic charger head to the metal port located on tip of your device. Then connect to any suitable USB port. You will also get to enjoy your device with the presents of the grinder. This is a sturdy accessory that is meant to reduce your needed ingredient to the perfect vaping consistency. Buyers should insist on genuine products as counterfeits will not offer the best experiences.

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