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V2 Cigs say that they are #1 online e-cigarette brand. This just might be true, because as far as I’ve seen, V2 Cigs truly can be seen all around the web. They offer cartridges in 10 different flavors:

Each of these flavors come in different packs, and they can range from 0% to 2.4% of nicotine. If you just want to try them all out, you can order samplers. Sampler packs come with one 10ml bottle of each included flavor, and you can choose the nicotine strength.

Also, you can choose Classic Starter Kit. These kits feature three lengths of battery available. Also, if you prefer manual battery, no problem. They come in both manual and automatic models.

As for the batteries, they offer a wide range because they wanted to meet the requirements of different customers. They feature EX batteries. These batteries represent the latest innovation and technology advancement.

They have a power meter, and this way you can easier keep track of your power level. EX batteries can deliver 300 puffs in a very discreet package, too. Final touch is their design, because design patterns and a cartridge sleeve that matches, make EX batteries to appear even more advanced. Of course, you can always have Classic batteries, and those are industry-standardized. You can always choose from two sizes, and as before mentioned they have automatic or manual operation.

They also come in five different colors and feature high performance. With Standard kit what you get is 150mAh battery, and you can get solid 4 hours of vaping out of it. The other, 380mAh battery is much less noticeable despite its length of 140mm with a cartomizer attached.

They give their famous “Lifetime warranty”, and the price is acceptable for this level of quality. All in all, if they can maintain all of these features, I’m sure V2 Cigs will continue to rule the web.

About V2 Cigs

v2proV2Cigs is the number one most bought electronic cigarette in America. Their site alone receives 6 million viewers monthly and they have an average of 1 million customers nation wide. So what exactly does this show you? It shows that this brand is highly respected and trusted by the e-cigarette community and that their products definitely satisfy the needs of many different people across the nation. Their website is also very user friendly as it is ranked top 2,000 web-sites according to Alexa.com a leading web analytics and web-metrics provider.

V2 Cigs popularity is slowly increasing as smokers hear about their products either online or through word of mouth. I had tried smoking a few different brands but nothing interested me the way V2 ecigs did. For me, the big selling point was the variety of choices they gave me to choose from. Instead of offering a handful of designs they allow you to choose from only a small number of starter kits they offer. As far as the prices go the standard kit starts at $74.99, which is affordable for most smokers.

V2 e cigarette has become the number one brand because they deliver their promised quality and satisfaction to all their customers worldwide. The smoke experience is less strenuous for your body and gives you the comfort of smoking within your own social environment at ease. It also only incorporates the two piece design which a lot of other electric cigarette companies are moving towards. To better understand this company’s products, lets take a look at what this brand of e cigarettes has to offer.

V2 Starter Kits Review

v2-pro-couponThe Ultimate V2 Cigs starter kit is probably one of the biggest on the market that comes in white and blue packaging, which has a modern design to it, and a classic magnetic flip top lid. When you open the lid of the package the first thing you will notice is a window in the top left corner displaying three V2 ecigs, one white one black and one silver, and a coupon.

In order to access these electronic cigarettes all you must do is remove the cardboard cover that encloses them, which makes it easy and hassle free. Once this is lifted you will see not only the full view of your three ecigs, but also a right hand column containing three different V2 flavored cartridges. Underneath these cartridges you will find two more, and in total you should have five. Each of these cartridges alone comes with five cartomizers, which are sealed in foil punch out containers. The company compares one of these flavor cartridges’ to be the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes.

This kit however can be customized to your own personal choice of flavors so instead of each kit coming with a preset variation of flavors you can customize which you would like include in your order.

Underneath the first display of goodies if you simply lift the tray you will find a whole other layer of products hidden underneath. This includes 2 cases, a white and a dark grey. The white case can hold two standard batteries and two cartridges. The silver is a portable charging case (PCC) which can charge a battery eight times before the case itself needs to be charged. To do this plug it in to the wall adapter and wait till all lights are all lit blue to signify it is fully charged. It also includes a six-foot power ecig that you can plug into a wall adapter, computer or car adapter that are also all included in the kit.

v2-pro-series-3-couponThe last item it includes is a lanyard, which any ecig could be attached to wear around your neck. In all this kit is great for those looking to try ecigs for the first time or are simply looking for a great kit. This kit includes everything you need to enjoy your vaping experience and can be easily returned for complete price with a hassle free thirty-day warranty, even if the cartridges were used. With this unique offer there is no reason not to give the V2 Ultimate starter kit a try and possibly have one of the best non-tobacco smoking experiences.

The Batteries

The V2 starter kit batteries include one long automatic stainless steal, a standard black manual, and a standard white manual. The V2 automatic battery is easiest to use for those who are new to electronic cigarettes. to activate the atomization process all you do is puff. They are better for hands-free operation, but do require “priming” to achieve the thickest vapor volume. On a full battery the ecigs will get approximately 300 puffs. The batteries each take two to three hours to charge and depending on individual smoking habits the battery will last one to seven days without needing to be charged. The LED tip will blink several times to indicate when a recharge is needed.

Different methods to charger you V2Cigs is to use the USB charger, the wall adapter or the portable charging case. When using the chargers all you must do is screw it in to either of the adapters and the V2 logo on each will either turn red if its in need of charging or blue when its fully charged which is nice for reference.

V2 Cigs Coupon Code & Discounts: Maximize Savings on V2 Purchases!

V2 Cigs Promotions and Deals

V2 eCigs is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. They manufacture 6 different starter kits which each come with your choice of flavored cartomizers, which in fact the company personally make themselves. These kits include: the V2 Power Cig, Beginners Kit, V2 Standard Kit, V2 Standard plus kit, V2 Couples Kit and the V2 Ultimate Kit.

To calculate how much you will save by switching to V2 Electronic Cigarettes the company offers a “Savings Calculator” which can be located at www.v2cigs.com. The calculator will calculate how much money you spent monthly and yearly purchasing traditional tobacco cigarettes and what you would pay with ecig competitor’s products. The lasting thing it will show you is how much money you would be saving by switching to their company’s products. This tool is great and can help make the transition easier on you once you. It is certainly a great experience for smokers who have been on conventional nicotine for some time.

The company also offers reward programs as a way of helping them advertise their product. This program is what they refer to as the “Smoke4Free” which allows you to refer a friend and while doing so can reduce your monthly ecig smoking cost. When you refer someone, you will receive an in store credit that will allow you to purchase free V2 merchandise. This can also help the person you refer save a substantial amount on their first starter kit!

Available across the world, the V2 e cigarettes can be ordered online and reaches you in express time with no restrictions on order size. When ordering this product they also offer free shipping and guarantee your product to be delivered within eight to nine business days. However great majorities of people who have ordered theirs say it comes usually around the third to fourth day. Outstanding in its free shipping and delivery with packages that are quality assured and with clear batch markings and expiration, you can only get the freshest of cartridges home delivered.

V2 Cigs also offers a great thirty-day no hassle warranty, which is unique from most. They offer complete purchase price in return even if the cartridges have already been used. The company also offers customers a lifetime warranty, which can only be applied to five items per order.

From testimonies of people who have recently contacted their customer service, they are said to have answered phone calls abruptly and have detailed answers to all their questions with no problems. This has lead to very high ratings in customer service.

You now have the advantage of becoming a social smoker once again, get rid of all the headaches that come with smoking traditional cigarettes, such as bad breath, and save your money with V2 e cigarettes. Why settle for less?